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Reindeer in the Forest .

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 Chair Back measures 16 x 19 inches. reiinforpic2-2.jpg (109324 bytes)

Each Arm Piece measures 8 x 12 inches.

J. & P. COATS BIG BALL BEST SIX CORD MERCERIZED CROCHET, Art. A.104, Size 50: 4 Balls of White: or CLARK'S BIG BALL MERCERIZED CROCHET, Art. B.34, Size 50: 3 Balls of White.

  Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 12.

GAUGE: 6 sps or 6 bls make 1 inch: 6 rows make 1 inch.

CHAIR BACK: Starting at "A" on chart, ch 351 to measure 20 inches.

1st Row: Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 3. Turn.

2nd Row: Skip first dc, dc in next 3dc (bl made). * ch 2, skip 2dc, dc in next dc (sp made). Repeat from * until there are 114 sps on Row, dc in next 2 dc, dc in top of turning chain (another bl made). Ch 3. turn.

3rd Row: Skip first dc. dc in next 3 dc (bl made over bl). ch 2, dc in next dc (sp made over sp), make 50 more sps, 2dc in next sp, dc in next dc (bl made over sp), make 5 more bls, 1 sp, 5 bls, 51 sps, and 1 bl. Ch 3 turn.

4th Row: 1 bl, 50 sps, 2 bls, ch 2, skip 2 dc, dc in next dc (sp made over bl), make 4 bls, 1 sp, 2 bls, 54 sps and 1 bl. Ch 3, turn. Starting with 5th Row, follow chart to top. then sc closely around all sides, making 3 sc at each corner. Join and break off.

ARM PIECE . . . Starting at "A" of chart, ch 153 to mearsure 8 inches

1st Row: Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 3, turn.

Follow chart to top. Complete as for chair back. Starch lightly and press.

From Crochet for the Home 1942