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Red, White and Blue Hat With Stars

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St - Stitch, ch - Chain, sc - Single Crochet, dc - Double Crochet. 

MATERIALS: THE AIMERICAN THREAD COMPANY'S Article 1 or Article 2, "Silkateen" or "Sansilk" Mercerized Cotton, 9 spools of red, 3 of white and 2 of navy blue, 1 plain hat shape. 

With the red ch 5, join in ring.

Each Row is joined with a slip st and begun with 3 ch.

lst Row: 12 sc in ring.

2nd Row: Increase in every, 2nd st, 18 sc in Row.

3rd Row: Increase in every st. 36 sc.

4th Row: Increase in every 2nd st, 54 sc.

5th Row: 1 st in each st..

6th Row:--increase in every 3rd st, 72 sc.

7th Row: 1 st in each st

.8th Row: Increase in every 4th st, 90 sc.

9th Row: 1 st in each st.

10th Row: (White) Increase in every 5th st, 108 sc.

11th Row: (Blue) 1 st in each st.

12th Row: (White) Increase in every 6th st, 126, sc.

13th Row: (Red) 1 st in each st.

14th Row: Increase in every 7th st, 144 sc.

15th Row: 1 st in every st.

16th Row: Increase in every 8th st, 162 sc.

This finishes top of hat, now work 11 rows without increasing in red, 1 Row white, 1 Row blue, 1 Row white, 1 Row in red, 1 Row in white, 1 Row in blue and 1 Row in white.

Now work brim.

lst Row: Increase in every 9th st, 180 sc

.2nd Row: Without increase.

3rd Row: Increase in every 10th st, 198 sc.

4th Row: Without increase

.5th Row: Increase in every 11th st.

6th Row: Without increase

.7th Row: Increase in every 12th st.

8th Row: Without increase.

9th Row: Increase in every 12th st.

10th Row: Without increase.

11th Row: Increase in every 13th St.

12th Row: (White) Without increase.

13th Row: (Blue) Increase in every

14th st.14th Row: (White) Without increase.

15th Row: (Red) _Increase in every 15th st, having 288 sc in Row.

For under side of brim work same as for brim begin ring with ch of 162 st, and start from first Row of brim, working 6 rows in red, 7th Row in white, 8th Row in blue, 9th Row in White and 6 more rows in red.

FOR STAR: Ch 5 join ring, 10 sc in red, 15 sc in white, 20 sc in blue, 25 sc in white, 30 sc in red, with white, work 7 sc, ch 2, turn, miss 1 sc, 1 sc in next 6, repeat until 1 sc is left : work 4 more points putting 1st sc in same st as 7th sc.