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Exchanging knit to crochet


Pony tail Scrunchie

Convert this pattern to knit

Cotton worsted weight yarn
9-pony tail beads
1 large ponytail holder covered elastic kind
Aluminum E crochet hook

Rnd 1: Make 36 sc around large elastic holder, sl st to join, chain 3 add bead (slip bead on hook yo pull through bead and loop yo pull through loop) sc in next 3 chains, sc in next sc and next 3 sc (total of 4) repeat 8 more times.
Rnd 2: chain 6, sc in last chain before bead, chain 6, sc in 1st chain after bead, sc in sc at bottom of chain, ch 6, sc in 4 sc repeat 8 more times. Sl st in the last sc. Finish off and tuck in end.