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Nylon Net Scrubber

From: JeanHath@cs.com 

1 yard fairly stiff nylon  netting

Crochet hook - # K

Fold netting lengthwise into strip about 3 inches wide and cut into 2 inch strips. 

You will have 18 strips from the yard - each strip  6 feet long.  You will use 6 strips for one scrubber.  Tie the strips together as you use them (I use a square knot) or tie all  of the  strips together to make a ball.

Make a slip noose and chain four.

Join in a circle by 6 or 7 single crochet (sc) over second chain. Do 2 sc over each stitch and then continue doing 2 sc in each stitch going around the circle until you have used 3complete strips of netting.

Then do 1 sc in each stitch until you have used about 4 ¾ strips. You will have to practice using differing amounts before decreasing to use the material efficiently. Start  doing 1 sc  in every other stitch - decreasing - until hole is closed.

Be sure to keep all tied ends  on one side of work and on the inside when you are decreasing.  When finished, pull end through last stitch and then pull end through pad by puttingcrochet hook through from the center of the first side and pulling the end all of the way through.

Then push end back through center of first side into pad.  Flatten and put pad under a weight for 24 hours.      Good luck - Jean