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Narrow Step Afghan                    narsteafgpic.jpg (185203 bytes) click to enlarge

 Thank you Eleanor Eberle

    SIZE: 46" X 64".

   MATERIALS: Coats & Clark Red Heart 4 Ply Hand knitting Yarn, 7 ozs. each of No. 12 Black and No. 111 Eggshell; 3 ½ ozs. each of No. 283 Pantile Brown, No. 849 Olympic Blue, No. 331 Bisque, No. 672 Vivid Jade, No. 814 Robin Blue and No. 351 Light Brown; 4 ozs. each of No. 741 Bright Pink, No. 253 Tangerine, No. 365 Coffee, No. 584 Lavender, No. 902 Jockey Red, No. 586 Lilac, No. 676 Emerald, No. 230 Yellow and No. 737 Pink. Crochet hook size F (3 ¾  mm).

   GAUGE: 7 sts = 2"; 4 rows = 1".

   AFGHAN: Beg at long edge and leaving 12" end, with Olympic Blue, ch 223 having 7 ch sts to 2".

   Row 1 (right side): sc in 2nd  ch from hook, * sc in next 10 ch; mark last sc worked; repeat from * to last ch, sc in last ch-222 sts. Ch 1 to fasten. Leaving a 12" end, cut strand and pull end through lp. Do not turn.

   Row 2: Leaving a 12" end, with Bright Pink, make lp on hook; beg in first sc of last Row, sc in each sc across. Fasten off and cut 12"end as before.   Note: Start and end each Row in same way, leaving. 12" ends. Always work from right side.

   Row 3: With Lavender, sc in each sc across.

   Row 4: With Tangerine, sc in first 10 sc; yo, insert hook from right to left under bar of next marked sc 3 rows below and draw up a lp to height of Row in work, (yo and through 2 lps) twice (raised dc made); * sk sc behind raised dc, sc in next 9 sc, raised dc in next marked sc on 3rd Row below: repeat from * to last sc, sk sc behind raised dc, sc in last sc.   Hereafter, to move raised dc pat diagonally, work-raised dc's 1 Row higher than raised dc's of previous Row (3 rows below in work) and 1 st to the right. Always sk sc behind raised dc.

   Row 5: With Pantile Brown, (make 9 sc, 1 raised dc) 22 times, 2 sc.

   Row 6: With Lilac, make 8 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 3 sc.

   Row 7: With Bisque, make 7 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 4 sc.           

   Row 8: With Jockey Red, sk first sc, make 5 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 4 sc, 2 sc in last sc-222 sts.

  Row 9: With Coffee, make 4 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 7 sc.

   Row 10: With Emerald, make 3 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 7 sc; mark last sc worked; make 1 more sc.

   Row 11: With Light Brown, make 2 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 9 sc.

   Row 12: With Eggshell, make 1 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 21 times, 10 sc.

   Row 13: With Black, make 10 sc, 1 raised dc, (9 sc, 1 raised dc) 20 times, 9 sc, raised dc in marked sc, 1 sc.

   Rows 5-13 form stitch pat. Work until piece is 46" long, using Black for every 11th Row and Eggshell either for the Row below or above Black, changing colors for other rows at random.

   Edging; With Black, sc in each St across; turn.  Sl st in each sc across. End off. Work same edging on opposite edge, working in each ch of starting ch.

   FINISHING: Pin to measurements, dampen and let dry.

   Fringe: Row 1: Beg at corner, knot first 6 strands tog 1" below edge of afghan. Knot each 6 strands tog across edge.

   Row 2: Knot first 3 strands of first fringe tog 1" below first knot. Knot remaining 3 strands tog with 3 strands of next fringe. Continue in this way across for 2nd Row of knots. 

Trim fringe.