Yarn Lover's Room



Tips and Tricks


Exchanging knit to crochet


Miscellaneous to Crochet


Baby Doll Lapel Outfit 

Barbie Outfit

Bassinet Purse

Bathroom rug Antique

Bikini Top

Bookworm Bookmark Pattern

Grape Bottle Cap Hot Plate Mat  
Butterfly fridgie

Button Buddies

Childs Necklace

Coat Hanger Covers

Collar and cuffs

Corner Page Keeper
Crocheted Carnation

Cross-Stitch purse  

Doll Pattern

Dolls Purse / Cradle

Double Layer Pot holder

Dickey and Cuff set

Dish Towel Tops

Dish Cloth (Lace)
Dish Cloth Single Crochet & Lace

Ear of Corn Pot Holder 

Easy Throw Rug 

Favorite Passage Book mark

Fern Pattern

Flower Decked Pillow  

Flowers to crochet

Grandma’s small doll dress Hot pad

Granny Square 

Golf Club Covers

Hair tie

Hat   SNAP BRIM  pink hat

Head Band

Another Headband 

Nylon Pot Scrubber

another Nylon Net Scrubber

Owl Can Toy


Perky snood

Place mates and Coaster Set

Plastic Bag (recycled) Handbag 

Plastic bag (recycled) beach bag

"C's" plastic bag

Pony tail Scrunchie

Pot Holders Owl, Canning Jar Ring HOT PLATE ,

        Scrap ,

Rag Rug

Rompers to fit 5 -6" bear or doll

Rug (granny square)

Stitch Help

Tea Cup and Saucer

Woven Square