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  Left handed Shell afghan

From: KTMS317

Hope This Works-A Pattern For You

Hi,     I am new to crochet & have learned so much from the sites online. I am left-handed & taught myself to crochet via the internet. Just searched for "Left-handed Crochet"& got tons of stuff.
Then had a friend who crochets help me.
Here is how I did a "Shell Afghan" . Made about a dozen like this

Row 1 - Chain  120 to 150 (depending on how wide you want it)

Row 2-Start my first shell, by double- crocheting (I pick up the 2 top strands of the chain) into the 2nd chain from the hook. Repeat in same stitch 3 times, skip 3 chains & repeat till end of Row.

Border is done with 1 row of chain , then, continue with Shell stitch or just double crochet, skip 2 chain & repeat, for 3 rows around (in contrasting color)- Continue, making stitches in this manner for about 60  or 80 Rows.

To change colors, I stopped at the end of each row, turn, then add next color.

Have made ones with all rows of 5 colors each 8 rows each or mixed it up!

Above is one I did for my 14 yr old Niece, Erin:

Red heart- super saver yarn-Color 0358- Lavender-

Chain Stitched - 140.

Row 2- turn 1 chain, start 1st Shell, in 2nd chain from hook, (My Shell= picked up two strands of yarn from chain, yo, repeat 3times=1 double crochet, then repeat 3 times in same stitch. Skip 3 chains & repeat .

Do for 8 rows.

Row 9-Red Heart-super saver yarn- Color 0995- Ocean

Repeat for next 8 rows .

Did this for 8 color changes, each Row will have about 35 to 45 Shells in it.
Then bordered as mentioned above.

Hope this is clear enough for you to understand.