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Ladies Crocheted Sweater


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MATERIALS: 10 balls of THE AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY'S ARTICLE 100 "Silkine" Pearl Cotton, Mercerized, shade 1226, and 1 ball of white. Steel crochet hook No.4.

  ABBREVIATIONS: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Double Crochet (dc), Stitch (St).

DIRECTIONS: Chain 117.

1st Row: 1 dc in 6th St, 1 dc in next St, * 2 ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc in next St, repeat from * 6 times 2 ch, 3 dc in next St, repeat from * to * 5 times 2 ch, 3 dc in next St work from * to * 11 times, 2 ch, 3 dc in next St. repeat from * to * 5 times, 2 ch, 3 dc in next St, repeat from to * 7 times.

2nd Row: 5 ch, 3 dc over each 2 ch, working 2 ch between each group of 3 dc, where the groups of dc were taken in sts next to each other in first Row. Work over the 2 ch, 2 groups of 3 dc with 2 ch between groups.

3rd Row: 3 ch, 3 dc over ch at end of previous Row, continue like 2nd Row always working the 2 groups of 3 dc in each succeeding Row over the 2 ch between the groups as previously described.

4th to 25th Row (Inclusive): like 3rd Row. There are now 22 groups of 3 dc, then 2 groups together, 34 groups, then 2 groups together, 39 groups, then 2 groups together, 34 groups, then 2 groups together, and 22 groups. The 22 groups form the front, the 39 the sleeves and the 34 the back. Break thread and join to the 2 groups together after the 22 groups.

26th Row: On sleeve portion 35 groups with 2 ch between each group, finish Row by joining last 2 ch to first group made on Row. Each Row in future is joined to the beginning of Row.

27th and 28th Rows: 35 groups;

29th Row: 34 groups.

30th and 31st Rows: 33 groups.

32nd, 33rd, 34th and 35th Rows: 32 groups.

36th Row: 31 groups;

37th, 38th and 39th Rows: 30 groups.

40th Row: 29 groups;

42nd, 43rd and 44th Rows: 28 groups.

45th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, 50th and 51st Rows: 27 groups

52nd, 53rd and 54th Rows: 26 groups.

55th, 56th and 57th Rows: 25 groups;

58th Row: 24 groups.

59th to 79th Rows: 23 groups

80th Row: 1 sc in each ch and 1 sc over 2 ch.

Work 22 more rows of sc then join on white and work 23 more rows of white. Break thread, turn white portion back to form cuff.

Now join colored thread to other groups of 35 dc and make other sleeve correspond.

Now join thread to one front, work across front, back and other front for 52 more rows. This is one straight piece.

Work 12 rows in single crochet around front, neck edge, and lower edge. Work 3n sc in each corner St to turn.

Buttonholes are made while working the 4th Row by skipping 3 sc and 3 ch and working 6 ch, proceed as usual. The spaces are worked 3 inches apart.

The fifth Row and other rows are like third -Row which is 1 sc, 1ch all the way around. The collar is made in sc in white across the upper neck edge. 34 rows complete it. Increase each Row while making collar by working 2 sts in. one St in three places. Wooden button molds are covered with sc crochet stitches made by ch 4, join to form ring.

Next Row: Work 1 sc, 1 ch 4 times in ring. Increase each Row until piece large enough to cover mold is worked.

Belt is made by chaining 23, then work 6 groups of 3 dc with 3 ch between until strip measures 2 yards.

Finish belt with ornament. Start ornament like button mold increasing for 6 rows, then decrease 1 stitch for 9 rows. Stuff with cotton batting, gather at top and work ch 2 inches and attach to belt by gathering end of same. The belt is held in place by two straps at waistline on each side of back. These straps are 4 inches long, made by chaining for that length and working 5 rows of sc stitches.