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Indian Motif Multicolored afghan

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 Thank you Eleanor Eberle  


Yarn scraps of different colors (4- ply) 0 or H hook

Chain width desired for afghan in a multiple of 10 - for example, 230 or 250 stitches. Sl st; break yarn, pulling yarn through to finish.

 ROW 1: Start at beginning of chain Row with another color, and sc each st of ch. Fasten and break off yarn. Start each Row on the same side of afghan at right side of piece.

 ROW 2: Change yarn color. Sc in back loop always for 9 sts. On the 10th st, dc over the sc of the previous Row. * Sc in back loop 9 st and dc on the 10th over the sc of other Row. Continue from * end of the Row (the left side of afghan). Fasten off. It is easy to work over end pieces each Row as you go along. This saves weaving them in later.

 ROW 3: Change yarn color. Start on right side of afghan and work to left. Dc on 1st st of Row. Sc 9 sts. Dc over sc of last Row. Sc 9 sts. Continue from * to end of Row.

 Note that each dc st falls to the left of the one on the Row before and this gives the diagonal look. Remember every 10th Row to dc in 1st st of Row.

 Continue from right to left, changing color every Row and dc 10th st one more to the left each time, until piece measures 5 to 6 feet in length or whatever length is desired.

 To finish work, sc in each st around piece on all 4 sides of afghan for 3 or 4 rows, using one basic color. 

Fasten off and weave ends in.