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Canning Jar Ring HOT PLATE

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Thank you Eleanor Eberle

 Note; Eleanore says; I have made many sets of these. The only thing  I  would change is to use cotton yarn probably in sport weight. Cotton holds the heat better than regular yarn.

   To make this colorful and attractive hot plate, you will need 9 rubber jar rings and any color of washable yarn.  I  used three colors but you might use up your scraps, and the hot plate would be very pretty. You must be sure to cut off the lip on the jar rings before you begin crocheting.

This will make a good size hot plate, and the 9 rings are necessary to make a perfect circle. If you want a larger hot plate, use 18 rings. You can use either the regular or the wide mouth rings, depending on the size that you want.

 Starting with a (G) crochet hook, dc around the rubber ring approximately 60 dc, or until rings are covered generously.  I  covered 3 rings with white yarn, 3 rings with green yarn and 3 rings with red yarn.

  After rings are, all crocheted, make a chain of 93 sts and dc in 4th ch from hook and all remaining chains. Break off.

 Lay rings on each other, over-lapping one on top of the other and alternating each color. Now weave the crocheted chain in and out of all the rings. When all the rings are interlocked, sew the 2 ends of the stripe together. You will have a complete circle now.

For the edging on the outer part of the hot plate, pick up sts and chain 3 sts. Then dc in each of next 16 sts. Dc: 2 rings tog and continue with 16 sts picking up 2 rings at each 16 sts. Sl st into chain. Break off.

 I hope you enjoy making the hot plates. This is a very, good project for anyone who is just learning how to crochet.