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Handkerchief Trim

 Nothing could be daintier than this lovely design combining crochet and tatting. You will need one ball of tatting cotton, a shuttle and steel crochet hook size 12 or 14.


Ch (chain); 

lp (loop); 

dc double crochet); 

sl st (slip stitch); 

sc (single crochet); 

st (stitch); 

ds (double stitch); 

p (picot); 

cl r (close ring); 

r (ring); 

rnd (round); 

sep (separated); 

sk (skip).

Corner Medallion: Ch 7, sl st to form r.

Rnd 1: Ch 3, make 23 dc in r, sl st in top of ch 3.

Rnd 2: * Ch 7, sk next st, sc in next st, repeat from * 10 times, ch 4, sk next st, dc at base of beginning ch. You are now in position to start next rnd. There are 12 lps in this rnd.

Rnd 3: * Ch 7, sc in next lp, repeat from * around, end with a sl st at base of first ch. Fasten off.

Rnd 4: This rnd is tatted. Tie ball and shuttle threads to center of any lp in last rnd. * Make a ch of 4 ds, 3 p sep by 2 ds, 4 ds, join to center st of next lp, repeat from * around, join at base of first ch. Tie and cut threads.

Place medallion at one corner of handkerchief. Mark lightly around medallion with pencil, cut out, sc around edge or turn under a narrow rolled hem.

This may be repeated in each corner if desired.

Edge: Join thread to hemstitched edge nearest medallion and work a Row of crocheted lps around handkerchief. * Ch 7, sk 2 sts of the hemstitching, sc in next, repeat from * around.
Fasten off.

This Row worked in tatting. Tie shuttle thread to center st of lp in last Row, leave about 1/8 inch thread and make a r of 3 ds, 3 p sep by 2 ds, 3 ds, cl r. * Leave about 1/8 inch thread, join to center st of next lp as you would join a p. Leave the 1/8 inch thread again and make another r of 3 ds, join to last p of last r, 2 ds, p, 2 ds, p, 3 ds, cl r. Repeat from * around to corner medallion, then work in same manner joining a r to each free p of medallion. When the edging is completed join last p of last r to first p of first r made. Cut and cut threads.