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Hairpin Lace

Thanks Sue  kinsey_sue@hotmail.com

Simple Afghan: 1 skein per strip (approx.) sport weight yarn; steel crochet hook size G

Make each strip 50" approx. or desired length

Amount of yarn depends on how long want to make each strip, and how wide depends on how many strips you want to join together.

1. to begin remove the top bar of the loom. Make a slip knot in the yarn and slide the loop that it forms onto the left prong. replace the top bar. adjust the knot so that it is in the center between the prongs.

2. Wind the yarn around the right prong, front to back, and hold it taut with your left hand, insert the crochet hook under the front strand of the loop. Pick up the yarn at the back and bring it through the loop to form a loop on the hook.

3. With the crochet hook, pick up the yarn at the back again. This is called yarn over hook, or simply yarn over.

4. Draw the yarn through the loop on the hook; you will have one loop on the hook. This completes the joining of the first loop on the right to the center.

5. Remove the hook from the loop from the back, insert the hook in the dropped loop. Turn the loom from right to left in front of you.

6. Turning the loom causes the yarn to wrap around what is now the right prong to form another loop. The crochet hook is now in the front of the loom.

7. This new loop is secured in the center with a single crochet stitch. To do this, insert hook under front strand of left loop, yarn over and draw through the left loop so you have two loop on the hook.

8. Yarn over hook and draw through both loops on the hook. Continue making the strip by repeating steps 5-8. Each new loop is formed by turning the loom at the completion of the single crochet stitch in the center.

9. When the loom is full, remove the bottom bar and slide all but the top four loops on both sides of the prongs. Replace the bar and continue working till get the length of strip desired.


Chain stitch: with a crochet hook and extra yarn, pick up two loops from one strip and work a single crochet stitch in the space. chain 2, pick up two loops from the other strip and work a single crochet in the space, chain 2, repeat.

Finishing edges:

To make a picot edging:

Work a single crochet stitch into first two loops held together. Chain 4, work a single crochet stitch into third chain from hook, chain 2, work a single crochet stitch into next two loops held together. Repeat from the chain-4.