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Granny's Flower Afghan

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I  am including a simple crochet pattern to pick up and carry around with you...

Its a flower afghan made with left over worsted weight yarn of this and that and some great textures. Don't we all have tons of scraps rolled up in little balls just waiting for a special something? I heard you nod your head!

With this pattern you will be able to make as many as 583 motifs, down to as little as 10. Make as many motifs as you want and put them together as you go OR after all this heat is over. It can't come to soon for me. Of this, you can be sure.

This pattern consists of 2 rows and is repeated over and over. Approximately 583 motifs are sewn together to create the one large afghan.

This is what you'll need.  Each motif requires approx. 7 yards of worsted weight yarn. Crochet hook size H or there about,  2 skeins of worsted weight yarn  for joining motifs in any size afghan, or lap blanket, shawl or ????

Motif: CH 6, sl st to form ring.

Row 1: Ch 7, tr in ring. * Ch 2, tr in ring. Repeat from * 9 times. End ch 2, sl-st in 5th ch of ch-7.

Row 2: ch 3, 2 dc in ch-2 sp, dc in tr, 3 dc in next ch-2 sp, * Ch 2, 3 dc in ch-2 sp. Repeat from * 4 times. Ch 2, sl st in top of ch-3, fasten off.

Arrange motifs in desired pattern and whip stitch together.