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Easy Throw Rug 

Convert this to knit

Any large hook…at least a J or larger. 

Materials: old tee shirts or any knit item you can get your hands on. The more colors you use, the better. Unless your one who likes to match décor. (Ask all your family and friends for there old stuff. Or hit garage sales.)

Cut the tee shirts starting from the bottom and working your way around the tummy, around and around, making one very long strip of fabric about 1-½ inches wide.
This will be the very hardest part to making this rug.
Don’t worry about seams, yellow underarms, stains, small holes, pockets, collars or cuffs. Just keep cutting the strip around and around. After you’ve cut your long strip and have it lying at your feet, begin winding it in a ball.
Put that ball in a brown shopping bag. Keep cutting and making balls of fabric until you have your bag about ¾ full.

For a round rug: chain on about 6 sts. Do not turn. Connect your chain in a circle and double
crochet (or whatever) your way around the circle. Every other round inc 1 st in every 4th.
Continue your way around the rug until you have it big enough or you run out of
strips. (To make it bigger you can always add more strips later.)

For a Square rug:
Chain 4, turn. Your only turn throughout the rug.
Double crochet or whatever your way around the rug, except on the very corner, where you will inc 2.
Continue until your rug is the size you want it or you run out of strips.

For an oblong rug: Chain on 15, or?
Follow directions for the square increasing on the corners.
Tie off. This rug can be washed and dried over and over and never wear out.
I promise you’ll love them.
Be careful… Everyone who comes to visit will say, “Will you make me one?”