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Easy flowers to crochet 

Thank you   MEastburn@lvcm.com  

Hi this is one I made up myself.

 First you decide how big you want your flower. Then you say for a tiny flower chain 2, for a medium flower chain 3.

This will make more since when I tell you the rest ok.  See ch 2 is the size of a double crochet, ch3 is the size of a triple crocheted, ch 4 quade. 

So what you do first is since each petal will have four chains in each.. You would say that the center of the flower would have 19 sc in your center to work up from. 

The center is made by chaining  3 4 or 5 and slip stitching the point is to make it look like their isn't a center, yet all your stitches will fit in it .

Like just put six maybe in the first Row then add in and double up on some stitches till you get 19 sc in a circle. 

Ok now for the petals, the easiest part. 

For small flower, you'd sl st in next sc chain up 2 then 2 double crochets like 2ch 1dc 1dc 2ch then sl st to the sc right below it then sl st to the next stitch to your left, chain up 2 1dc 1dc ch 2 sl st in stitch below it then to next stitch. Just repeat this.

This is for five petals for larger just upgrade the stitches to ch3 or ch4 and triple crochet in the two middle stitches. But do remember that if you enlarge the petals to think of the center and its outer appearance to you while your actually thinking of a flower. 

I hope everyone likes this! dreamer4life@