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Easy Baby Booties Pattern

Thanks for the picture Sybil-Angelica

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Jayne's  Favorite

MATERIALS: Size H hook, single strand 4 ply or 2 or 3  strands baby yarn. 

These booties are made in rounds.

Row 1 : Ch 12, sc in 2nd st from hk, sc in next 9 sts, 3 sc in end (toe) st, continue along the other side of the chain, sc in next 10 sts, 3 sc in end (heel) st.  Do not join.

Row 2 :  Sc in each sc, 3 sc at end of each Row

Row 3, 4, 5 : Sc in each sc, do not inc.

Row 6 :  Sc in each sc, dec 3 sts at toe, sc in sc to heel.

Row 7: Repeat Row 6

Row 8: Repeat Row 6, at heel, join with sl st, ch 3

Row 9 : *Sk 1 sc, hdc in next sc, ch 1 rep from * around.  Join with sl st. Ch 1

Row 10 : *Sc in ch 1 sp, ch rept from * around.  Join with sl st and break off.   Weave ends into work. 

Make 2 chains 15" long & weave in and out of bootie top

Note:  After Row 10, I make another Row, ch 1 hdc ch 1 in each space, making the bootie a little higher and not so plain.  Also for Preemie I use the same hook but instead of 4 ply, use 3 ply or baby yarn and makes a much smaller bootie. 

This is a very easy pattern as you don't  have to count stitches or sew them together either.

From:   JAYSEWS@aol.com 

 Hi, I saw your request for baby bootie pattern.  I use this one all the time, do alot of charity crochet.  These are so quick and easy. You can try out different size hooks and yarns, to make different sizes.  I have shared this pattern with alot of women on the web lately and they all love it.  I also have a real easy baby afghan pattern, when I get it printed out and saved will forward to you also.  Another quick one. Good Luck, Jayne