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Dog's Striped Jacket

For your puppy friends this pattern was sent in From: Lavonne M. ltlokie@yahoo.com

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Hi, I have been a long time knitting and crocheting person. I have just discovered your site and it is wonderful. Thank you for the patterns I have gotten from all of you. 

Size: Width across shoulder, about 11";length of back

14" Materials: Fleisher's Four Seasons 6ozs main

color (MC), 20 ozs each of color A and Color B.

Crochet hook size J, or size required to crochet to


One press-button.

GAUGE: 6 sc and 7 rows=2"

BACK: With MC ch 19, Row 1: Sc in 2nd st from hook and in each ch across ---18 sc. CH 1 to turn each Row.

Next Row: 1sc in each sc, inc 1 st each edge--20 sc. Continue to work in sc, inc 1 st each edge every Row until there are 30 sts. 

Work even until 14" from beg.

Shape Shoulder: Working one shoulder at a time, work across 11sts. Ch. 1, turn, 

Next Row: Dec 1st at beg of Row (neck edge), work across. Continue to dec 1 st at neck edge every Row until 5 sts remain. Cut yarn.

Work other should to correspond.

FRONT: With MC, ch 56 Work sc for 3 rows. Cut yarn.

Leave un-worked first and last 11 sts, and continue sc above center 33 sts, dec 1 st each edge every Row until 7 sts remain. Work even for 11 rows, then dec 1 st each edge every Row until 3 sts remain. Cut Yarn.

FINISHING: With MC, work sc around entire back, working 2 sc in each corner. Cut MC. With A, work 1 sl st in each sc all around. Cut A. Work front in the same manner. Work sl st stripes on back, beg in center and inserting hook always between the rows.

Work these stripes at intervals of 5 sc alternating colors A and B----5 stripes in all. Sew end of front (point) to back shoulder. Sew a press-button on other 2 points of front and close on the back.

I hope you enjoy this patter it should fit a small to medium dog. I have a maltese terrier and she looks good in it.