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Dew Drop Edge


  Here is a simple, easy-to-make edging. Width may be varied by using a finer or coarser thread. Number 30 crochet cotton is suggested and a size 9 or 10 steel crochet hook.


Ch (chain), sc (single crochet, sl st (slip stitch), lp (loop), p (picot)

Ch 8, sl st in first ch st to form a ring.

* Make 16 sc in ring, sl st into first st, turn.

Ch 8, sI st in 8th sc, ch 8, sI st in same sc with sl st, turn. (6 sc ch 4,sl st in last sc for a p, 6 sc) over next ch 8 lp. Ch 5, SI st in last sc, ch 7, sI st in same sc, ch 5, sl st in same sc, (6 sc, ch 4, p, 6  sc) over next ch 8 lp, sl st in sl st top of ring. Ch 18, sl st in 8th ch at from hook to form ring.  

Repeat from * for length desired, joining side p of dew drops in this manner; ch 2, sI st in adjacent side p. ch 2and complete as before.

 Alter completing length desired, you may work 10 sc over each Ip at top and at st in top of each dew drop for a wider lp across top.

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