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Crochet Backwards

Thank you Lena C. lenacabena@

Hi, I have taught myself to crochet backwards. I am right handed so I will always have the hook in my right hand.  There are times when I think the back side of a stitch is prettier in a pattern ie. sc and I want this to be on the right side of the project   So, instead of cutting the yarn and starting the next Row in the beginning of the last Row, I just crochet the next Row backwards.   

It's really easy.  Turn the crochet hook away from you and pick up the yarn behind the hook as you would if you held the hook facing you.  That's all it is to it.  Very simple! 


I love working with colors and often change to a new color almost every Row. But, working with colors also means that in addition to selecting the right colors that will work together, I also decide how much volume I want of each color, ie. a sc will less volume than a dc etc.   By combining the look of the stitches, as I described above, with volume of color I can make colors "stand out" or "sink in."


Also, I was tired of having so many ends to tie when done with my project so now I "walk" the colors at the edges of my project.  A border around the project will hide the walked yarn.  Anyone else doing crazy stuff like me?  Lena