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Filet Crochet Collar and Cuff Set and Scarf

colcufsetwitscapic2-5.jpg (60164 bytes)     click to enlarge

The filet crochet collar and cuff set is one of the smartest accessories that may be madc with the THE AMIERICAN THRFAD COMPANY'S "Silkine" Crochet Cotton. The shops are showing real filet crochet which cost from twelve to twenty-five dollars a set. The set in the illustration is madc with size 80 which is more like the filet lace mesh and is crocheted by following the diagram pattern below.

colcufsetwitscapic3-5.jpg (65457 bytes)      colcufsetwitscapic4-5.jpg (67184 bytes) click on above to enlarge for

collar colcufsetwitscapic5-5.jpg (42388 bytes)click on above for cuff colcufsetwitscapic5.5-5.jpg (69571 bytes) click on above for scarf

The set when completed is finished with a band of net at the cuffs and a shaped band for the neck which is higher at the back than the sides. The edge is worked while crocheting the rest of the work except at the first Row.

The first Row is made in this manner: Chain (ch) 120, turn,1 st Row, 1 dc in 8th St, * 2 ch, skip 2 St, 1 dc (double crochet) in 3rd st, repeat from * until there are 38 meshes.

The pattern is started fifth Row for the collar following the diagram drawing.

Every block of white represents a block of double stitches. The first block is composed of 4 dc and every other there are, where there are one more than one, has 3 dc.

Note in working the third and  fourth rows that there are only 36 meshes.

In working the fifth Row there is an extension of two meshes To make these two extra meshes-chain 10, turn and work 1 dc into the 8th stitch, 2 ch, skip 2 sts, 1 dc into foundation work and proceed as usual for the Row.

The edge on the first Row is put on in this manner; only slip stitch over 2 of the meshes before working, the next group.

The design of butterflies and tulips may easily be followed from the diagram drawing above.

Make 3 ch for every block or measure starting the work with the middle butterfly at the edge.

To turn the corner miter the work. To do this, work to the final Row in corner then in working each succeeding Row make one mesh less than was made in the previous Row. Continue in this manner until there remains but one mesh, then turn the work from edge to design until the corner is made and you are ready to work a full Row as usual.

As each worker crochets differently the exact dimensions of the linen pieces will not be given.

The center piece should be the exact size of the inner dimensions of the crochet work. The piece has a one-inch hem with a hemstitched border.

The crochet is connected with overcast stitches. An easy way is to arrange the lace on the linen, then to carefully cut the linen through the center of the lace lengthwise-you will then have enough material to make the hems on both pieces of the material.

The piece is finished with a narrow edge.