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Candle-Light Afghan Uses Hairpin fork

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From:  ccswigert@hotmail.com  & > Helen0527@aol.com 

  Abbreviations. st - stitch;
lp  - loop;
sc - single crochet;
dc - double crochet;
sh - shell;
tog - together;
sl st - slip stitch.

(approx. 54" x 72" including fringe)

Materials Required: 4 ply Knitting Worsted in 4 OZ. Skeins
5 skeins of Dark Rose
3     "      "  Medium Rose
4     "      "  Light Rose
3     "      "  Grey
3" Hero "JUST RITE" metal Hairpin fork or Hero Giant Loom # 120 G, 3"
Bone Crochet Hook, size 4
10" Hero Plastic Afghan Hook, size 9

Gauge: Approx. 4 stitches  - 1"

Note: Instructions are given in the above color combination. To assist in planning an afghan we estimate that 297 loops ea. can be made from one 4  oz. skein of 4 ply knitting worsted.

12 strips of 297 loops ea. of Dark Rose
  8     "           "      "      "       Medium Rose
  9     "           "      "      "       Light Rose
  6     "           "      "      "       Grey

TO JOIN STRIPS: Follow general instructions (see other e-mail) and assemble as follows ..... Starting with strip 1 (Light Rose) pick up the first 3 lps,  then pick up first 3 lps of strip 2 (Grey) and pull through the 3 Light  Rose lps on hook - pick up next 3 lps of strip 1 and pull through the 3 Grey lps on hook.

Continue to end of strips alternating the pick up of lps first from one strip and then the other. With matching yarn sew the last 3 lps to end of strip.

Pick up the first 3 lps of 3 (Light Rose) and cable to strip 2 (Grey), 3 through 3 lps to end of strip, fastening last 3 lps with matching yarn.

Pick up the other first 3 lps of strip 3, then first 3 lps of strip 4 (Medium Rose) and pull through. Cable all strips tog in like manner always starting at the same end of work so that all cable joining will lie in the same direction. After all 35 strips have been cabled tog finish off the two long sides by pulling 3 through 3 lps. With Dark Rose work a shell edge as follows ..... attach yarn in back lp of first stitch - * work a sh of  1 sc - 3 dc - 1 sc in back lp of next stitch - fasten with a sl st in the back lp of the next st and repeat from *

FRINGE: Cut yarn in 11" lengths and knot 4 strands of corresponding strip color in end lps, one each side of crotched center of every strip. Trim evenly to finish about 4" wide.