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Thank you Tracy   Grawey6@aol.com

 MATERIALS:  Light Weight Cotton Yarn:  Two 50 gr balls of no. 5 cotton (175  yds per 50 gr ball) in Ecru.  Crochet hook size B/1 (English size 12) or size  to give gauge.  Some elastic thread.  

 SIZES:  Misses' 10-12-14.  Directions for sizes 12 and 14 are given in  parentheses.       

  ADVICE:  A cord can be a simple chain as is the case in this pattern, but  there are many other ways to make a cord.  A cord can be made by twisting,  braiding or using the technique of macramé.  


Chain (ch)     Single crochet (sc) .  Half double crochet (hdc)

  Double crochet (dc)   Slip stitch (sl st)  


  Picot:  in the same st work:  (1 sc, ch 3 and 1 dc), skip 2 sts 

  Fancy st:  * 1 dc, ch 1, skip 1 st *; on following rows work the dc  between the dc of the previous Row.  

 GAUGE:  24 sts = 4";  11 rows = 4"


 PANTS (60 grams for the 2nd size)

 Begin by top part of front.  Chain 78 (80-82) and work in dc.  Work 4 rows even, then:  

 Shape crotch:  at each edge, every Row, leave un-worked:  23 (24-25) sts (once); and 2 sts (4 times).  Work 5 rows even on the remaining 16 sts then  for back, at each edge, every Row, increase 1 st (once); 2 sts (18 times);  and 2 (3-4) sts (once).  Work even on the 94 (96-98) sts thus obtained for 4  rows.  Break yarn and fasten off.  

 Finishing:  Make a border at top of front and back of pants by working 4 rows  of Fancy st, 1 Row of sc and 1 Row of picot.  Make a border around each  leg edge by working 2 rows of sc.  On wrong side of work join sides with 1 Row of  sc.  Insert elastic thread at waist and leg edges.  

 BRA (30 grams for the 2nd size)  Right cup:  Chain 35, and work in dc, working 2 dc in the center st on each  Row (8 times) -- 43 sts.  At the same time at right edge, on Row 3, work 6  sc, 1 hdc, and work the other sts in dc, ending Row with 1 hdc and 1 sc.

 Then work 5 rows leaving un-worked at each edge, on first Row: 6 sts, and beginning and ending each Row with 3 sc and 1 hdc to shape the cup.  Then work 1 Row of dc on all the sts (even those left un-worked at beg of Row)  thus on 43 sts.  Continue in Fancy st leaving un-worked at each edge:  3 sts (once); then on each Row, 2 sts (9 times).   Break yarn and fasten off.  Work left cup same as right cup but reversing shaping.  

 Finishing:  Work 10 sc at left edge of right cup.  Continue in sc, leaving  un-worked at right edge, on each Row:  1 st (8 times).  Break yarn and fasten  off.  Work a border on left cup same as right cup but reversing shaping.  

 Work a border around top of each cup with 2 rows of sc and 1 Row of picot.   

 On wrong side of work join the two cups with 1 Row of sc.  At lower edge of  bra, work 2 rows of sc.  Make two 10" cords for the back and two 16" cords  for neck tie strings.