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Barbie Outfit

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This sporty little boat neck is fashioned around a granny square front and back.  Its short roll up sleeves and sides are done in rib stitch.
Add to it the rib stitch skirt and you have a complete outfit for an 11 ½ inch fashion doll.
The outfit requires ½ ounce blue 3 ply sport or baby yarn, ¼ ounce yellow 3 ply sport or baby yarn, size 1 steel crochet hook, or size necessary to obtain given gauge, and sew on snap for skirt.

1 granny square is ¾ inch square
9 sc equal 1 inch in rib stitch.
9 rows equal 1 inch in rib stitch.
Note: To create rib stitch, work only
in back lp of each sc.

Make 16 squares (8 each color) as follows:
Ch 4, join with sl st to form ring.  Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, ch 3, * 3 dc in ring, ch 3, repeat from * twice.  Join with sl st to top of first ch 3, fasten off.

Sew together, alternating colors so you have two pieces that are two squares by four squares each.

Join yarn at upper corner of front piece.  Sc down side of granny squares picking up 6 sts along each square - 24 sts.  Ch 1, turn.

Working in back lps only, sc 2 more rows, ch 1, turn.

*Sc 17, ch 1, turn, repeat from * twice.  Sc 17, ch 8, join with sl st to top of last long Row (this is the outside of front shoulder piece), ch 1, turn.

Work even in sc for 2 more rows, join with sl st at shoulder, ch 1, turn. 

Work even in sc, crocheting side to back granny square piece by using back loops of sc on side piece and outside of the squares, fasten off.

Repeat for other side, starting at top right corner of back using blue yarn.


(Make 1 blue, 1 yellow) Ch 13. Sc in 2nd stitch from hook and in each ch across.
Work even on 12 sts in rib St for 15 rows, fasten off.

Sew underarm seam, sew sleeves into place putting blue sleeve on blue side and yellow sleeve on yellow side.


With blue, ch 30.  Working in back lp only, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1 turn.

* Continuing to work in back lp only, work even in sc across, ch 1, turn, repeat from * for a total of 36 rows, fasten off, sew back seam to 1 inch from top. 

Sew snap in place.