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Back-Zipper Baby Sweater

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  pictures from    Vickie

About the pictures...

Shirley, Finally, the finished sweater. I have the dimensions, if you'd like them.

I used Red Heart's TLC Ultra Soft 3-ply yarn. I'd use something lighter weight next time.

I opted for the 4 single crocheted rows with velcro dots.


thank you for this pattern "sue k."
convert this to knit

crochet hooks: f & h

any fingering yarn

front of sweater,

larger hook

chain 51, sc across and continue for 42 rows

divide for neck: chain 1, sc in first 16 stitches for 6 rows. and fasten off. skip center 18 stitches and attech yarn in next stitch and chain 1, sc in same stitch and each stitch across and work even for 6 rows. and fasten off. (leave a long string to attech pieces together later.

ribbing:  using the size f hook go back to the beginning Row and right side facing attech yarn in first stitch and chain 3. dc in 49 stitches across. 

next Row: chain 2 and skip first stitch. *dc in next stitch from the front; (fpdc)*

(insert hook from front to back to front around the stem of the stitch on the previous Row. yo and pull the yarn through the loop and you should have 3 loops on hook yo and pull through 2 loops then yo and pull through thelast 2 loops.

do the next stitch in reverse working from back to front to back. bpdc.

continue rib pattern for 4 rows.

back, make 2:

using karger hook chain 26 and sc across for 42 rows.

with smaller hook work ribbing pattern over 25 stitches as before.

sleeves, make 2:

with karger hook chain 39 and sc for 24 rows.

with smaller hookfor ribbing, work ribbing over 26 stitches, for the first dc Row at bottom. 1 dc in first stitch, decreased the next two into one stitch, and went on that way. dc one, decrease next two stitches together. it will end in dc in thelast two stitches and you will have decreased to 26 rib stitches.


with karger hook chain 72 and work in pattern of sc over 71 stitches across for 28 rows.

with smaller hook rib over 70 stitches same as before.


sew shoulder seams, placecenter of sleeve tops at shoulder seam and sew into place sew sides and sleeve seams. with rib at center front sew hood in placeat next having back edges of hood even with center backs of sweater.

instead of using a zipper, i singled crocheted along one side of the back for 4 rows and fastened off. i glued velcro on the top of the 4 rows with those small velcro circles with unique stitch glue. on the opposite side i put in velcro circles underneath the edge. that way the added crochet i did on first side would be completely covered by the second side. it really works well and there isn’t a zipper that will hurt baby’s head and is much more comfortable on baby.