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Afghan that you can cross stitch on     

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This pattern comes from "Sue K

Sue would like to share her original pattern with us all. So here it is.I figured out how to make an afghan that you can cross stitch on afterwards without using the afghan hook which could get pretty tiring handling such a long hook.

I tried crocheting a few rows by binding off the end of each Row of single crochet and leave at least 3 inches on. (This can be used as fringe) and at the beginning of each Row without turning the work around, single crochet in the back look only.

At each beginning leave at least 3 inches. If you continue without turning the work around it looks just like the afghan stitch, which is much easier to see, and cross-stitch characters on.When you keep turning the work, I find that the stitches aren't really even and this way they are the same all the way down.Someone needed the idea on your message board. I thought it up while I was working on a teddy bear in rounds. Has anyone else come upwith that idea? Thanks a lot. SueThen she wrote back to tell me

I did 16 rows of the afghan that I mentioned and weave in some small off color pieces of yarn to count every ten stitches for the first 10 rows to help know where to begin the graph and it is so easy to know where to begin to cross stitch and I AM able to cross stitch on it easily and it does look just like the afghan stitch. 

You also don't have to leave a fringe on it if you don't want it. I decided to work over the beginning and end yarns and it is fantastic. I'm so glad I was able to figure it out. Sue

If you try this, let Sue know how you like her idea. She’s so smart!