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2 Sided BABY AFGHAN    

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Thank you Janet David

  I would like to donate a pattern that my mother uses all of the time.  It is a two sided baby afghan.  Using two different colors. It is a good pattern.  Everyone who sees one, wants her to make one.
My daughter and son in law, being" Michigan" fans wanted one made in blue and gold.  They really like it a lot, and have gotten so many compliments on it.  Of course, Mom thought it was ugly, being used to the traditional "baby" colors.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Materials: 12 oz.. each of 2 colors baby yarn or sport yarn.  Size G Hook
Gauge:  6 shells = 6 inches.

Row 1: (Shell st Row):  With color A, chain 173 loosely, work 1 dc in 5th ch from hook (turning ch).
3 dc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch (1 shell completed).  * skip 2 ch, work1 dc in next ch, 3 dc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch:  Repeat from * across to within 1 ch from end; Do not work in last  chain.  Drop loop from hook.

Row 2: (Chain loop Row)  Do Not Turn.  With color B make a loop on hook.  Starting at beginning of last Row, join B with a sc in 4th ch of turning ch (the ch before 1st dc of first shell st Row.)  Working in front of last Row. * Chain 6, skip next shell.  (Pick up 1 loop) work 1 sc in first ch of the 2 skipped ch in foundation ch (between shells); repeat from * across, and  ch 6, 1 Sc in end ch (the free ch at end of last shell.

Row 3: (Shell - st  Row)  With B, ch 2, tarn.  Work a slip st in   first dc of last shell st Row, ch 2 * inserting hook through  the center dc and under chain-loop, work a shell (5 dc in same st) in center of  next shell; Repeat from * across  Row.  Drop loop from hook.  Do Not turn.

Row 4: (Chain loop Row):  Pick up dropped A loop at end of the  shell-st Row before last *  Ch 6, working in front of  last  shell-st Row.  Skip shell, work 1 sc in space before next  shell (same color shell-st chain loop being made); repeat from * across end with ch 6, skip last shell, 1 sc under  chain-loop at end of Row.

Row 5: With A instead of B, work same as for Row 3.  Do Not turn.
Row 6: Pick up dropped B Loop at end of shell-st Row before last and work same as for Row 4.

Repeat  rows 3, 4, 5 & 6 for pattern, and work until afghan measures the length desired.

Repeat rows 3 & 4 once more.  Break off  B.  Leave enough yarn for fringe. 

 Cut 2 ½ "  lengths of both colors, using 2 strands of each color for fringe.  Attach fringe between shells on starting edge.  When attaching fringe on last rows finished, catch loose loops in between shells.

Note: If you do not desire the fringe, make shell-st around the afghan.