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Joining our Craft Room

It's easy to become part of our craft room

  Crafter's, show your crafts to the world. 

Think what this will do for your business!

If you've been spending all your time selling your crafts only at craft fairs, start showing your creations to the world.

* Instead of having to create your crafts,

* tag and price them all,

* pack them up,

* put them all in the car or trailer,

*drive them to the show site,

* set up your spot,

* set out your all the shelves and tables you either had to bring or rent,

* arrange your crafts,

* stand around all day (and maybe the next day or two),

* find someone to cover for you while you run to the bathroom  or grab lunch,

*then tear down the site,

* pack up all leftovers (all the stuff you didn't sell),

* put them in your car or trailer,

* drive home,

* unpack everything and fall into bed just waiting until the next weekend to have that much fun again.


*  You could let this web site do the selling for you.  For only $24.00 per year you can add up to 3 items in the craft room PLUS your crafts will be rotated on most of the main pages throughout this web site.Or you can add your pictures to my site with a link to your site.

Go to http://www.knitting-crochet.com/craft/welcomecraft.html  to sign up, then let me know you are coming aboard. 

You can send your item description and photo (jpg please) to knit@knitting-crochet.com with "craft room" in the subject line.

All your orders are sent right to you having your e-mail and contact information on your craft page . If you'd like more information e-mail me at knit@knitting-crochet.com

This is what one crafters says about being in the craft room. "Since I have found the yarn lovers room
website, I not only found many useful patterns that I was able to put into my creations, but, best of all, for a low price, I took a chance and advertised my webpage through their site, and amazingly have gotten sales and more hits (averaging almost 3,000) from the yarn
lovers webpage than any other venue!  I will always advertise through this webpage, and strongly urge others to do so!"...You can feel free to place in your actual link...but I hope this helps, because it is
all true! Gratefully, Marie of http://sewcrochetions.com