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Baby Cap and mitts/mittens 

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Size 6 months

1 Pr. No. 4 Needles-14 inch

Scale: 5 sts. to 1 inch

7 rows to 1 inch

Cap   1 Ball sport weight

Mittens 1 Ball sport weight

CAP Cast on 50 sts. Work in K. 1, P. 1, ribbing, for 2 ½ inches, then work in Stockinette st. for 3 inches. To decrease, work as follows:Row 1-* K. 8, K. 2 tog., repeat from * (5 decreases) across Row.Row 2-Purl.Row 3-* K. 7, K. 2 tog., repeat f rom * across Row.Row 4-Purl.

Decrease every knit Row, having one less st. between decreases, until 15 sts. remain. Draw yarn through all sts, and sew together. Sew seam and trim with pompom.

MITT (no thumb)

Cast on 32 sts. Work in ribbing for 2 inches.

Change to Stockinette st. and work even for 2 inches.

Next knit Row K. 2 tog, K. 14, K. 2 tog., K. 14.Then P 2 tog., P. 13, P. 2 tog., P. 13.

Continue in this manner having one less st. between the decreases in every Row until 10 sts. remain.

Weave ends together and sew at side.

MITTEN: Cast on 32 sts. and workin ribbing for 1 ½ inches.

Change to Stockinettest. and work even for ½ inch.

Next K. Row, start thumb.

Row 1-Increase in first stitch, K. 2, increase in next st, continue across Row.

Row 2-And all even rows, Purl.

Row 3-Increase in first stitch, K. 4, increase in next st, continue across Row.

Continue to increase in this manner ever other Row until there are 12 sts. between increases.

Next knit Row work across first 14 sts. and place on thread or st. holder.

On the remaining 30 sts. work even for 1 inch.

Next knit Row, K. 2 tog, K. 13, K. 2 tog, K. 13.

Then P. 2 tog, P. 12, P. 2 tog, P. 12.

Decrease in this manner having 1 less st. between the decreases until 8 sts. remain.

Break yarn and draw through remaining sts.

Pick up the 14 sts. from st. holder and work even for ½  inch.

Next knit Row * K. 1, K. 2 tog., repeat from * across Row,

P. 1 Row.

Repeat these 2 rows 2 more times, break yarn and draw through remaining sts.Sew seams.

From Minerva Yarns 1936