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Candie Poncho

From: Llindab127@aol.com

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These directions re for little girls 3'9" to 4'3", Directions for small girls 4'4" to 4'10", Medium girls 4'11" to 5'5", and tall girls 5'6" and over are in parentheses.

Not including the turtle neck or the fringe, the poncho will measure about 16", ( 19" ,22", 26") from collar bone to bottom point of the poncho.

The fringe is planned for 2 ¼ " ( 2 ¼", 3 ¼", 3 ¼")  

Materials; 3 (4, 5, 5) Skeins CANDIED HEAVYWEIGHT

1 Pair # 10 single point needles, 1 large crochet hook (1/8).

Gauge: 4 sts - 1 inch -7 rows or 3 ½ ridges -1 inch

With # 10n needles cast on 2 sts. 

Working in Garter stitch ( knit every row ) increase 1 st at beginning and end of EVERY Row until there are 92 (108, 124, 140) sts.

Then decrease 1 at the beginning ONLY  of every row until 28 (28, 32, 32) remain.

K1, p1, in ribbing for 3 (3, 3 ½, 3 ½) inches or desired length for Turtle Neck.

Bind off loosely in ribbing.  

Knit another piece exactly as you did this one.  

Weave decreased sides together.  

Add fringe on every other increase on bottom edges.

To make fringe: Cut a piece of cardboard 3, (3,4,4,) inches long.  Wind yarn around it 6 complete times. Cut along one edge. Using a large crochet hook, insert through edge of poncho 2 sts in from edge, place hook of fringe and pull yarn through loop. Pull Knot firmly.


Dissolve Woolite in a bowl of water, soak sweater in it for three minuets. Gently squeeze suds through sweater. rinse in clear water of the same temperature as the washing water. After squeezing the water from the sweater, roll tightly in a Turkish towel, or put in last spin cycle of washing machine for one minute-never in dryer- to extract as much water as possible. Lay sweater flat on a dry towel; pull gently to shape it to size and leave to dry. Do not ever place sweater on a hanger or towel bar to dry; the weight of the water pulls it out of shape. Sweater should never be dried in sunlight or near radiator or other heat.