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 Baby Bunting 

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19 oz.  Lt.  Blue or Baby Blue or color desired.
1 pr. knitting needles No. 6.
Plastic crochet hook No. 6. 5 yds. blanket binding.
20-inch zipper.
GAUGE: 6 sts = 1 inch.

BUNTING: Cast on 166 sts and work in pattern as follows: 1st Row. * Y 0, slip 1 st as to P, K 1, repeat from * across Row. 2nd Row. * Y 0, slip 1 st as to P, K the Y 0 and next st tog, repeat from * across Row.  Repeat 2nd Row for pattern.  Work even in pattern until work measures 26 inches from beginning, bind off (always working the Y 0 and next st together).

GUSSET: Cast on 8 sts, work in pattern increasing 1 st on each side every 3rd Row 6 times (20 sts).  Work even until gusset measures 14 inches from beginning.  Then decrease 1 st on each side every 3rd Row until 8 sts remain, bind off.  With "STAR" MERCERIZED SEWING THREAD, sew binding across 2 short sides and 1 long side.  Fold so opening is at center, then sew gusset in position.  Sew zipper in position.


Starting at front of hood, cast on 68 sts and work in pattern same as on bunting for 6 inches.

Next 6 Rows.  Bind off 7 sts at beginning of each Row.  Bind off remaining sts.  Sew back of hood together.  With right side toward you, pick up and K 58 sts across lower edge of hood.  P 1 Row.

Next Row.  BEADING: K 2, * Y 0, K 2 tog, repeat from * to within last 2 sts, Y 0, K 2. P 1 Row.

Next Row.  K across and increase 12 sts evenly spaced.  Then work in pattern for 3 inches, bind off.

TIE: Crochet a ch about 30 inches long and lace through beading.  Finish with pompons.

POMPONS: Wind yam over a 2 inch cardboard 32 times.  Tie through center and cut both ends.  Trim into shape and attach to each end of ties.  Sew binding around front edge.

Taken from Star Baby Book 1950