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Braid  Cabled Mittens w/Leather palms    

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Adult sizes: small, medium, large. Instructions are for small size. Changes for medium and large sizes are in parentheses.

Materials: 1 pr TUXEDO Leather Palms, style No. 301. Knitting Worsted, 2 ozs Main Color (MC), 1 oz CC. No. 4 and No. 6 knitting needles 1 dp needle for cabling.

Gauge: 4 sts = l inch on No. 6 needles.
For preparing Palms and finishing see below.

Left Mitten: Starting at wrist with MC, cast on 24 (29-32) sts.

Small Size, Row 1 (wrong side): Kl, p4, kl, p9, kl, p4, kl, p2, kl.

Medium Size, Row 1 (wrong side): K2, p4, k2, p9, k2, p4, k2, p2, k2.

Large Size, Row 1 (wrong side): K 2, p 5, k 2, p 9, k 2, p 5, k 2, p 3, k 2. 

For all sizes: K the k sts and p the p sts. 

Work these 2 rows throughout.

Row 4, Cable Row: Work across in pat to k-9 sts; sl first 3 sts to dp needle and hold at back of work; k next 3 sts; bring dp needle to front of work; k 3 sts from left hand needle; k 3 sts from dp needle; complete Row.

Repeat cable on same sts every 8th Row thereafter.

Thumb Gusset: At beg of 6th Row (right side), work first 2 (3-3) sts; inc 1 st in next st, complete Row. 

Row 10: Repeat Row 6: 

Row 14: Work first 5 (6-7) sts, inc 1 st in next p st, complete Row. Work even on 27 (32-35) sts until 2 ½ (2 ½, 2 ¾)" from beg. 

Thumb: Work across first 6 (8-9) sts, p 1 (2-2), k 4 (4-5), p 1 (2-2), turn and work these sts only until 4 ½ (5, 5 ¼)" from beg. Dec 1 st each end of needle every other Row 1 (2-2) times. Bind off. Tie in yarn at side of thumb. 

For medium and large sizes only, inc 1 st in 1st st and continue in pat until 5 ½ (6 ¼, 6 ¾)" from beg.

Dec 1 st each end of needle every other Row 4 (5-5) times.

Bind off. Prepare Palm with MC. With MC work 1 Row sc around mitten starting and ending at opposite wrist edges. 

Cuff: With MC using No. 4 needle, pick up 24 (29-32) sts along cast-on sts at wrist edge, pick up 12 (15-18) sts along wrist of palm. K 2, p 2 in ribbing for 9 (11-13) rows. Always k across a Row on right side when changing colors and count as a Row of ribbing. 

Work 4 rows CC; 

4 rows MC; 

4 rows CC  

9 (11-13) rows MC. 

Bind off loosely in ribbing. Sew cuff tog. Join pieces with Cross Stitch using CC.

Right Mitt: Start Row 1 (wrong side): k 1 (2-2), p 2 (2-2), k 1 (2-2), p 4 (4-5), k 1 (2-2), p 9, k 1 (2-2), p 4 (4-5), k 1 (2-2). The thumb sts will be the end of Row on right side.

Sew leather palm insert 


 Leather Mittens Palms

Children's sizes: small, medium, large. 

Adult's sizes: small, medium, large. 

The leather palms come with a woolen lining that has to be attached to the palm before finishing mitten.

To Join Leather and Lining: Hold the palm with the right side of the leather to you, having the padding in back, start at the corner of the wrist, using No. 2 or No. 3 steel crochet hook and the color designated in pattern. * Insert hook through perforation in leather and through padding at same time, draw yarn through in a lp long enough to reach to edge of leather, yo and through 2 lps on hook, ch ]. Repeat from * around palm. If necessary, work 2 sc in one perforation around tip of fingers, thumb and corners so that work will lie flat. Fasten off. Fold thumb up so that it lies on leather of palm.

Cuffs: When knitted or crocheted part is finished, pin the tip of the thumb to the lining, pin wrist edges together at base of thumb. Work is now ready for picking up sts for cuff. Follow instructions as given, then sew side seam of cuff. Pin work to remainder of palm and join with a slip or cross stitch.  

From Slipper and mittens with Leather volume 1948