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Booties  Baby Knitted     

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These Booties can be made with the following:"DAWN" NYLON or NYLON POMPADOUR or"DAWN" INFANTS WOOL or "DAWN" MEDIUM WEIGHT POMPADOUR

1 oz. each White and Baby Blue or colors desired. 

1 pr. knitting needles No. 2.

1 set double-pointed needles No. 2.

1 yd. ¼ -inch ribbon.

GAUGE: 8 sts = 1 inch.

With White cast on 45 sts, K 4 rows, drop white.

5th Row. Attach blue, K across row.

6th Row. P across row.

7th Row. K across row.

8th Row. P across row, drop blue.

9th Row. With white K 4, * drop next St down for 4 rows, pick up and K corresponding St in last white row worked knitting the 4 strands of yarn in, K 3, repeat from * across row ending last repeat with K 4.

10th Row. P across Row, drop white.

Next 4 Rows.  Same as 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th rows.

Next Row. With White, work in same manner as 9th row but starting row with K 2 and ending last repeat with K 2, drop White.

Repeat the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th rows once, cut blue.

Next Row.  Same as 9th row.

Next 5 Rows. K across each row.

Next Row. Beading: * K 2, sl 1, K 1, psso, Y0 twice, repeat from * 4 times, K 5, * Y0 twice, sl 1, K 1, psso, K 2, repeat from * 4 times.

P 1 Row.

K 1 Row.

P 1 Row.

Next Row. K 17 sts and sl sts on holder, K 11 sts for instep, sl remaining 17 sts on holder.

Next 25 Rows. K across the 11 sts of instep, cut yarn. With double pointed needle, sl 17 sts from holder, pick up and K 12 sts on side of instep, with 2nd needle K 11 sts, with 3rd needle, pick up and K 12 sts on other side of instep, sl and K 17 sts from holder (69 sts on needles).

Next 7 Rows. K across each row, drop white.

Next 4  Rows. Same as 5th through 8th rows, cut blue.

Next Row. Same as 9th row.

Next 7 Rows. K across each row.

Next Row.  Bind off 29 sts, K 11 sts, bind off remaining 29 sts, cut yarn.

SOLE: K over 11 sts for 46 rows, bind off, cut yarn.

Sew back seam, sew sole to bootie.

Lace ribbon through beading.  Work other bootie in same manner.