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Exchanging knit to crochet

Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.


Child's Knitted Sweater / Big League


Instructions are for size 8. Changes for sizes 10, 12 and 14 are in ( ). 

Materials: Bulky weight yarn (2 oz - balls) - 8 (9-10-11) balls.

Size 10 and 11  knitting needles or size for gauge: size G aluminum crochet hook; 

Four 7/8” plastic rings: 4 small pearl buttons. 

Gauge: 5 sts = 2”. 

Finished chest measurements: 28¾ (30½ - 32 - 33½)”. 

Back: With smaller needles cast on 33 (35-37-39)  sts.

Work k 1, p 1, ribbing for 3” inc'g 3 sts evenly across last row.

Change to larger needles and st st (k 1 row, p 1 row): work even on 36 (38-40-42) sts until piece measures 10½ (11-11½ -12)” or desired length to underarm.

Place a marker at each end for beg of armhole work even until armhole measures 5½ (6-6½ -7)”. 

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 4 sts beg next 4 rows, 2 (3-4-5) sts beg next 2 rows.

Place rem'g 16 sts on holder. 

Front: Work ribbing as for back - 36 (38-40-42) sts.

Change to larger needles and st st: work 2 rows. 

Pockets: Work 8 (9-9-10) sts, cast on 8 sts for under-pocket; place rem'g sts on a holder.

Work even on 16 (17.17-18) sts for 6”, end with a p row.

Place these sts on a holder.

Go back to original row; place center 20 (20-22-22) sts on needle.

Work in st st, keeping 2 sts at each side in garter st (k every row) until the same length as other piece, end with a p row: place on a holder.

Go back to original row, cast on 8 sts, work rem'g 8 (9-9-10) sts.

Work even on these 16 (17-17-I8) sts until same length as other pieces, end with p row. 

Joining Row: Work 8 (9-9-10) sts from first side, bind off next 8 sts.

Fasten off yarn; reattach and k across the center 20 (20-22-22) sts.

With another ball of yarn, bind off 8 sts from 2nd side: fasten off.

With first ball, k across rem'g 8 (9-9-10) sts. 

Next Row: Work across 36 (38-40-42) sts.

Work even in st st until piece measures 1'' less than back to underarm.

Work center 6 sts in garter st and rem‘g sts in st st to armhole: end with p row.

Place a marker at each end for beg of armhole. 

Next Row: Work 18 (19-20-21) sts, attach 2nd ball of yarn, work rem'g 18 (19-20-21) sts.

Working both sides at same time and keeping 3 sts at each neck edge in garter st, work even to shoulders as on Back. 

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 4 sts at each arm edge every other row twice, 2 (3-4-5) sts once.

Place rem'g sts on holders. 

Sleeves: With smaller needles, cast on 17 (19-21-21) sts.

Work k 1, p 1 ribbing for 3”, inc'g 11 (11-11-13) sts across last row.

Change to larger needles and st st: work even on 28 (30-32-34) sts until piece measures 14 (15-16-16)” or desired length.

Bind off. 

Hood: Sew shoulder seams.

Slip 8 sts from right front holder onto larger needle, attach yarn, k 16 sts from back neck holder, k the 8 sts from left front neck holder - 32 sts. 

Next Row: K 3, p to within 3 sts from end, inc'g 5 (5-7-7) sts evenly spaced: k 3—37 (37-39-39) sts.

Mark center st.

Work in st st, keeping 3 sts in garter st at each end and inc'g 1 st at center every inch 5 (7-7-9) times.

Work even on 42 (44-46-48) sts until hood measures 10½ (11-11 ½- 12)".

Shape Top:

Row 1: K 21(22-23-24) sts, place rem'g sts on a holder. 

Row 2: Bind off 7 sts, complete Row. Cont, to bind off 7 sts at inside edge once more, 7 (8-9-10) sts once. Work other side to correspond. 

Finish; Sew top of hood; sew under-pockets in place. Sew straight edge of sleeve to armhole edge from marker to marker; sew under-sleeve and side seams. 

Buttons (make 4): Sc over plastic ring until completely covered; fasten off, leaving a long strand. Turn outer edge to inside and weave tog. Sew a small pearl button in center; sew on buttons as shown. 

Toggle (make 2): Ch 6", join with a slip st and fasten off securely. Twist and sew center. Button onto buttons as shown. Wet with cold water. Lay on a towel to measurements. Dry away from heat and sun. Do not block or press.

Taken from the workbasket 1955