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  Beginner Knitted Afghan 

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I just found your site, and would like to share this beginner knitted afghan pattern with your readers.

46"X 57"

Worsted weight yarn, 43 oz , 29" circular needle, size 17

atGauge;  stockinette stitch,  9 stitches and 12 rows= 4 inches.riet

y of

Cast on 103 stitches.

Rows 1-6  Knit across.

Row 7  K6, P across to last 6 stitches, K6.

Row 8  (Rt. side)  K across.

Rows 9-15  Repeat Rows 7& 8, 3 times. 

Repeat Row 7 once more.

Rows 16-19  K across.

Row 20  K7, YO, K2 together, (YO, K 2 together) across to last 6 stitches, K 6.

Rows 21-24 K across.

Repeat rows 7-24 for pattern until Afghan is 55" from cast on edge.

End with Row 7

Last 6 rows  K across for border.  Bind off.

This is worked holding 2 strands of yarn together, or a really fine, lacy effect happens with a single strand. Sincerely,  Suzanne

Taken from the workbasket 1955