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Basket Weave Baby Bib 

Thank you  Stephanie Convert this to crochet

BABY BIB (smaller "drool" size, about 8 ½   by 6 ½ inches)

Materials -- cotton worsted weight yarn (used Bernat Cot'n Soft - 1 skein {1 ¾oz.}) needles -- size 6 or 7 American, crochet hook size G gauge -- not entirely critical, but I got between 5.25 and 5.5 st. per inch

PATTERN STITCH (Basket weave)

Row 1 (right side) -- knit.

Row 2 -- K5, * p3, k5, repeat from *. 

Row 3 -- P5, * k3, p5; repeat from *.

Row 4 -- K5, * p3, k5; repeat from *.

Row 5 -- Knit.

Row 6 -- K1, * p3, k5; repeat from *, end k1 (instead of k5).

Row 7 -- P1, * k3, p5; repeat from *; end p1.

Row 8 -- K1, * p3, k5; repeat from *, end k1.

 Cast on 35 stitches.

Work six rows of garter stitch (knit every stitch, every row).

Next Row -- keeping 3 stitches at each edge in garter stitch, begin pattern.  If you think you'll get confused, place a marker after the first 3 stitches, and before the last 3 stitches so you'll know they are NOT part of the pattern repeat. 

Work in pattern for approximately six inches (a tiny bit more or less will not matter, but be sure to complete the pattern repeat -- end with row 8.)

From this point on you will be working in garter stitch only -- 

Next Row: knit 11 stitches, then bind off 13 stitches; complete the row. You will have 11 stitches at each end of bib. 

Working on one side at a time.

Next Row -- knit until 3 stitches from end of row, then knit 2 together, knit 1. 

Next Row: knit across.

Alternate these two rows until 7 stitches remain -- bind off.

Attach yarn to other side of neck (wrong side) -- knit 1, knit 2 together, knit to end. 

Next Row -- knit.

Alternate these two rows until 7 stitches remain bind off.

With crochet hook make a chain about 12 inches in length.

Attach it to bib at inner neck edge, then slip stitch down neck edge and across center bound off edge, up neck edge, then continue with another chain of the same length as the other side.

To make ties more substantial, turn around and slipstitch back over what you just did (one tie end, neck edge, other tie end).Fasten off, and work in loose ends.

Taken from the workbasket 1955