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Exchanging knit to crochet

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Knitted Baby Ball 

Thank you, j_daneman@yahoo.com 

Convert this pattern to crochet  


  - baby yarn or 4 ply worsted weight

- #4 or #5 needles

- Use contrasting colors and alternate wedges  

DIRECTIONS: Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1--Knit 20 stitches--turn.

Row 2--Knit 12 stitches--turn.

Row 3--Knit 14 stitches--turn.

Row 4--Knit 16 stitches--turn.

Row 5--Knit 18 stitches--turn.

Row 6--Knit 20 stitches--turn.

Row 7--Knit 22 stitches--turn.

Row 8--Knit 24 stitches--turn.

Row 9--Knit 26 stitches--turn.

Row 10-Knit 28 stitches--turn.  

Pick up 2nd color, Tie on, carry along or break off & knit 2nd wedge.  

Repeat pattern, alternating colors until there are 5 wedges of each.  

Stuff with polyester fiberfil and sew seam.  

3 colors can be used by knitting two rows of a 4th color and only making 9 wedges.  (When using three colors--one gets 12 wedges).  

Here ya go.....  Each can be made of scrap yarn.