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Exchanging knit to crochet


Exchange knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting.


Antique Knitting Patterns

Learn to Exchange your knitting  patterns to crochet or crochet to knitting

Vintage Items For sale

Baby Patterns in  Both Knitting and Crocheting

2 Girl Dresses

Sailor Sweater and Creeper


Ancient  Bib Pattern

Baby Coat

Baby Ensemble


Bib with embroidery

Booties with buttons

Booties with lace ties

Boy's Shorts with Straps 

cardigan and unisex jacket w/ Beret

Coat & Bonnet

 Florella Infant Set

 Girls and Boys Slip Over & Jerkin

Girl's Blouse and Boy's Sweater 

Sister and Brother's Outfit

Snowsuit, Cap and Mittens

Snow Time

Tie Cap and Hi Top Booties 


Boy's Shorts with Straps

Boys Slip Over 

Girls and Boys Slip over vest

Girl's Blouse & Boy's Sweater cardiganand unisex jacket w/ Beret      

Girls Coat and Bonnet

Girls Jumper

Girl's Sailor Jacket 

Raglan Jacket 

Children's And Teens

Cable Turtle Neck

Cardigan & Slip over

Coat  Jacket 

Boy's & Girl's Vest

Sweater Blouse with Lace Trim


Zig Zag Lace

2 Color Doily

Lace edging 

Knit Lace

Another Knit Lace 

Slippers and Socks Mittens

Slippers  Triangle


Braid  Cabled Mittens w/Leather palms

Women's Sweater

Wrap Around Coat

Sweater and Cap

Nautical Pullover

French Sailor and Beret

Long Sleeve Cable Pullover

Warm Spring Jacket

Ski Sweater in the round

Easy Fall Coat 

Sweater of Angorina

Eyelet Vest


Easy Poncho 

Poncho Easy Knit 


Long Sleeve Buttoned Vest Sweater w/deep "V" Neck


Mesh stockings


Bath Mit

 More coming!

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