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"Another" 2 needle mittens 

I am forwarding a pattern that I have used for over 60 years to make mittens on two needles and they are so easy to do that I think all of your friends will like to make them.  Jody Jodyvine@aol.com  


I have made all sizes of mittens and I like this pattern and then I make it bigger or smaller. 

This is  a two needle method and I usually use size 6 or 8 knitting needles. depending on the tightness of the material I want to make.  Children do not usually like stiff mittens and adults may like them stiffer.  You will need two stitch holders or large safety pins. or even a length of yarn to hold the sts while knitting the thumbs.

  Please read through the pattern before starting and you can even draw the rows out  on a sheet of paper so you can see what is happening.  Any size can be made by adding or subtracting the number of beginning cast on stitches.  Try some for babies using fingering yarn or fine soft wool.
For a size age 6-7  Material two  strands of 4 ply (older yarn knitting worsted )   one strand (Bulky)

Cast on adults size 38 sts  for woman  or older teens.. 

Cast on 22 Sts for child 6-7.

  Rib k 1, p 1, for 15 rows child. size   If a longer cuff is wanted , you can always rib a few more rows.

 Purl one row, with  a  decrease of  two sts. in center of Row.

Knit one row and Purl one Row then begin gusset for thumb. 

Knit 9, inc. one st. in each of next 2  sts, Knit 9.

Purl one Row.  

Then go to stockinette rows of K one Row, Purl the return Row.

Follow pattern below.

K 9, inc. one st. in next st. knit 2 sts, inc in next st. k 9.

Continue increase as above, having 2 more sts between increases in every knit Row, until there are 6 sts between increases for size 4 to 6 ( 8 sts for size 6-8 then work as follows.

K 10 (18 for adult) place on st. holder, K 8 (Thumb sts ) [15 for adult], place remaining sts on second holder, 10  for  (18 for adult)
Work on thumb sts for 6  rows for child, (8 for adult) look at your own hands and size of length of thumb.  Then decrease thumb sts as follows:  *K 2 tog., K 1, repeat from *  ending k 2 tog. next Row, Purl 2 tog, across Row ending P 1  Leave a tail for finishing seam of thumb and cut yarn, thread large needle and  draw  yarn through remaining sts  pulling them together, sew thumb seam Leave tail to be worked in the next rows.

Place the sts from first st-holder to needle attach Yarn and pick up 2 sts at base of thumb, Place remaining sts from 2nd holder to left hand needle and Knit across row.

Work in stockinette st. for 2 and ½ inches from base of thumb. child's size) [measure your hand to find number of rows to get to tip of fingers for adult size].


Decrease top of mitten as follows; 

Row 1: * k 3, k2 tog, k 3, repeat from * across row.

Row 2 Pearl across row.

Row 3 * k3, k2 tog*, across row.

Row 4: purl.

Row 5 * K1, k2 tog, across row.

Row 6 P2 tog. all across row.  

End by leaving about 20 inches of tail when cutting yarn, Thread needle and draw yarn through the end remaining sts and if on the side that needs sewing use rest of yarn to sew up seam.    A shorter piece of yarn can be used on child's size mitten to finish sewing up seam.

  Hope you can understand my instructions.  These have been made for over 60 years and are always useful.  Adjust size of needles for yarn thickness.  Good knitting.  Jody