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 Ancient Bib Pattern - Vintage baby pattern

Convert this to crochet

Thank you  Stephaniesj_paradis@yahoo.com

Materials: 1 ball of White Knitting Cotton.

Needles: 1 pair - 2  ½   mm.  ( US 2 )

 ½ yard of Ribbon.

Gauge: 8 sts make 1 inch; 

12 rows make 1 inch.

Starting at lower edge, cast on 38 sts.

Row 1: * P2, k2. Repeat from * across, ending with p2.

Rows 2 & 3: * k2, p 2. Repeat from * across, ending with K2.

Row 4: Same as first Row.

These 4 rows constitute the pattern. [it looks to me like it's a diagonal pattern, where the purls add texture].

Work in pattern until piece measures 3 ¾ inches in all. On next Row, work in pattern across first 10 sts, bind off 18 sts, and work in pattern across remaining 10 sts. Work over the last 10 sts for 2 ¼ inches. Bind off. 

Attach thread to opposite side of neck edge and work other 10 sts to correspond.

The directions are to sew ribbon to both neck edges, but you may rather use a button or Velcro. Looks as if purchased eyelet trim is added along the edges.

Get out your teeny, tiny needles!