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3 Easy Scarf Patterns  

Thank you Barbara From: bgcoley2002@yahoo.com
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 Hi - here are some very easy patterns:


Using size 11 or 13 needles, cast on 24 or 28 stitches (or any multiple of 4 for a wider scarf) using a soft knitting worsted weight yarn.

Just  K2, P2  every row until it is as long as you want! For a 4-year-old, maybe 2 ½ or  3 feet?  Fringe the ends if desired.


Using worsted weight yarn and a 29" long circular needle size 8 or 9 or using DK weight yarn and a 29" long circular needle size 7, cast on about 150 to 175 stitches; knit every row (the garter stitch makes for a fluffier and therefore warmer scarf).

At the end of each row, you can  make a very neat end by:  knit to within the last 3 stitches of the row;  bring the yarn to the front as if to purl, and slip the last 3 stitches as if  to purl.

Next Row, when you pull the yarn from 3 stitches back to knit the first stitch, it causes the end stitches to wrap around themselves and make a neat finished edge. BUT if that's too much trouble, you don't have to do it.

Continue until the scarf is as wide as wanted; bind off loosely.

Fringe if desired. This is especially pretty if you use a variegated, heather, or flecked yarn.

 Patterned Scarf

With DK yarn and size 6 or 7 straight needles, cast on about 36 stitches or  a multiple of 6).

For the first three rows:  K3, P3 straight across.

For the  next three rows, P3, K3 straight across.  This makes a pleasant little texture and is great with a solid color yarn (also it is a reversible pattern  - no front or back to the scarf). 

Knit as long as desired; bind off; fringe if you like.

 These are three of my favorite quick scarf patterns - hope one of them will  help you!  Good luck - Barbara *