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2 Stitch Afghan

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Many of you wrote asking for the directions for the afghan that starts in one corner. The one that gets wider as you add stitches at the ends, and then you start dec'ing to get smaller again.

So here it is.

Either cast on or chain using any weight yarn using the hook or needle recommended on your yarn label. Doing either knit or crochet you s tart with 2 sts.

Every Row you add one stitch at the end. (Increasing at the end of the Row not the beginning). Knit using stockinette or garter stitch (your choice) if knitting.

Sc or dc, (again your choice), if crocheting.

When you think your afghan is wide enough stop increasing.

Now either start dec'ing by knitting or crocheting up to the last stitch and skipping the last stitch.

Turn. Start the next Row.

Continue until you have 2 stitches.

Or to make your afghan longer, at your widest point, knit or crochet even for extra added length. Then start your dec'ing same as above.

Bind off or finish.

Sc around the afghan's all 4 sides going around the afghan at least once, more if you'd like.

Done. Simple. Right?

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