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2 Needle Mittens

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Sizes at approximate NOT including ribbed cuff

Child's small - 5 inches long, 1 ¾  inch thumb

Child's medium - 6 inches long, 1 ¾ inch thumb

Child's large 7 ½    inches long, 2 ¼ inch thumb

Women's 8 inches long, 2 ¼ inch thumb

Men's 9 inches long, 3 ¾ inch thumb

This same pattern can be used from infant's to adult. Same number of stitches, only the needle size change. I use the worsted weight yarn usually. But have also used sport weight and two sport weights held together knitted tightly. You'll find the pattern very easy and FUN!. 

Be careful! Your going to have everyone asking "Can you make me a pair?" 

I noticed your two needle mitten pattern doesn't have a picture,  well I made a pair of those last year using the pattern on your site. Here's the picture of them.

Hope you enjoy, and the pattern was simply fabulous!

Needle sizes are in US.

Infants: # 2 & # 3 needles 
Toddler # 3 and #4. 
Child #4 and #5 , 
Small adult #4 and #6 
Med adult #5 and #7 
Large adult #5 and 8. 

Cast on 34 sts. 

Ribbing K2, P2, across. Continue ribbing for 20 rows. Last Row Inc to 38 sts, 4sts evenly spaced. (Inc to 38 sts.)

Change to larger needle Work st st for 6 rows. 

Place marker between middle two stitches. (18 & 19th st) add two stitches, place another marker, Work in st st increasing 2 sts every other Row between marks until you have 14 stitches. Put these 14 on a holder for working thumb later.

Continue working st st adding 2 stitch under thumb once. 
Work in st st until total lengthen mitten is 8.5 inches. (Or up to top of pinky finger) 

Start decreasing as follows. 
Row 1: *K 2 tog, knit 8*, rep * across. 

Row 2 and all-even rows. Purl across even. 

Row 3: *K 2 tog, knit 7*, rep * across. 

Row 5: *K2 tog, knit 6*, rep * across. 

Row 7: *K2 tog, knit 5*, rep * across. 

Row 9: *K2 tog, knit 4*, rep * across. 

Row 11: * K2 tog, knit 3*, rep * across. 

Row 13: Knit 2 together across.

Weave yarn through stitches leaving a tail for sewing side seam later. 

Pick up the 14 stitch plus cast on 2. 

Work the 16 stitches for 10 rows in st st. 

Next Row: knit 2 tog across. 

Weave yarn through stitches and leave tail for sewing thumb seam. 

HELP: How do I increase?

Place marker between middle two stitches. (18 & 19th st) add two stitches, place another marker, knit to the just before the 18th stitch, place the marker, using the 18th stitch, inc 1.

Use the next stitch, the 19th, and inc 1. Now place your second marker.

There you have it. It will work every time.